10 Day New Sawyer | San Ramon Newborn Photographer | Angie Ochoa Photography

Oh how I love newborn sessions! I feel like this is where my creativity just flows and flows like a rushing mountain spring after the snows! I love it when I get free reign to do what I like with newborns. I was actually sent this floor mat in the photo below, to photograph and share the images with the vendor. I know, pretty blessed, right?San-Ramon-Newborn-Photographer-Baby S 3-2 copy

I’m not normally one who likes purples, but lately I feel like they have just looked so pretty with the baby girls who come in for their newborn sessions. Check out the last photo in this post, where mama and baby BOTH look gorgeous against the purple backdrop!

San-Ramon-Newborn-Photographer-Baby S 5

These “swaddle sacks” are a new thing for me, and so of course I needed to try them out. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how darling they look with their matching bonnets! These are the perfect thing to get baby cozy and sleepy. They’re all swaddled up tight like they were still in mama’s tummy, and they just sack out!

San-Ramon-Newborn-Photographer-Baby S 13

I’ve really been loving the soft black and white images that I’ve seen other newborn photographers do, so I wanted to do some too. So sweet and so classic.

San-Ramon-Newborn-Photographer-Baby S 19-2

As we were shooting Sawyer’s newborn session, her mama was telling me about the tough things they had to go through before Sawyer was conceived. She truly is a miracle baby, and a “Rainbow Baby”. Rainbow Babies are babies who are born after a miscarriage or after an older sibling passes away, typically as a baby. The Rainbow signifies hope after the storm. What a precious reminder of God’s faithfulness to His people in the story of Noah and the Ark…the rainbow of hope after the storm.

San-Ramon-Newborn-Photographer-Baby S 23-Quote

I can’t NOT get pictures of parents with their new bundles of joy. Especially when it’s their first baby. I am always in awe of the love and joy I see in parents’ faces when they are holding these little babes. This mama is definitely no exception. Can you see the love there too? I know that those first few weeks or months can be SO exhausting, but I would encourage all new parents to get in your newborn photos. This is a time that you will want to look back at and remember, after the haziness from new baby/lack of sleep has passed.

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If you are expecting, and would love to have me do your newborn photos, please send me a note at info@angieochoaphotography.com. I would be so honored to be able to photograph your precious little gift.

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Have a blessed day!


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